Sitemap - 2023 - After School by Casey Lewis

Earnestcore and Resolutionsmaxxing

What Gen Z Got for Christmas in 2023

Shrimp Trees and Tiny Cows

Doom Spending and Shoegazing

TikTok Mutiny and Ozempic Era

Sleaze Academics and Bedfluencers

Whamageddon and Grinchcore

Troll Armies and Car Confessionals

Ballet Flat Bros and Scenester Utopia

Hivemind Anthems and Creator Campuses

Brainwashed Teens and Hypebeast Alphas

Coquettecore and Gag City

Bow Stacking and Beige Flags

Mall Rats and Socialism Sweethearts

Strava Dating and Touching Grass

"It Girl" Zit Stickers and Santos Memelords

The 2023 Gen Z Gift Guide, According to TikTok

Feminist Teeth and Sound Town

Duolingo Meet-Cutes and Snoopy Plushes

TikTok Rom-Coms and Millennial Core

Friendship Recessions and Envy Offices

Gen Z Thinks Black Friday Is a Scam (But They're Shopping Anyway)

Nanalan Stan and Duped Up

Vibecessions and Tweakments

Shrek Kisses and TikTok Cures

Vintage Baby Gs and Bob Dylan Core

Gen Z Jazz and Helicopter Parents

Hesitant Fiancées and Ivy League Pancakes

Spotify Competitors and TikTok TV

Hipster Antitrust and Harry Coded

"Single-Identifying" and Trash Talking

Bibliophile Boos and Fanum Tax

Roller Discos and Creator Camps

Beastville and Looksmaxxing

Stalker Wrapped and AI Fake Nudes

Black Nail Theory and Voice Memo Leo

Hot Hostels and Frat Beach

Shy Boys and Rock Bottom Autumn

Gen Z WAGs and Fun Uncles

Jump Scares and Soft Hands

Bordeaux Fall and Halloweekend

Bean Heads and Literary Gadflies

AI Gold Rush and BeReal 2.0

Throuples and Relationshops

Vintage Locusts and Anarcho-Capitalists

Military Girlies and Coppolacore

Sick Days and Psychic Therapists

Spoiled Children and Miffy Queens

Nepo-Homebuyers and Harvard Influencers

Belt Tightening and Gold Rushing

Xiaohongshu Rebirth and TikTok Whiplash

Djerf Avenue and Temu Mania

Preppy Nirvana and Big Oil

Cowboy Crocs and Power Pouts

Chronic Hooky and Snail Girls

Nouveau American Dreams and Swift Engine Optimization

Scam Bots and Sextortion

Flannel World and Gap Years

Joomi Joolz and Taylor Nation

Shein Luxury and Next-Gen T.J. Maxx

BNPL Fixation and P.S.L. Cringe

Yearnposting and Cheese Slapping

TikTok Proposals and Generational Prenups

SponCon Birthdays and Loud Luxury

ByteDance Billionaire and Snoopy Cool

VivekTok and P-Hive

Pirated Movies and Video Essays

Hormone Monstresses and Hot Messes

Hinge Cringe and Tribeca Tweens

Wiki TikTok and Coca-Cola Y3000

Uncanny Algorithms and Essay Mills

College Tricks and Tube Girl

Vape Voice and and A.I. Hadids

Girl Hammers and Angel Wings

Country Fever and Disco Hats

Retail Tsunamis and Agony Aunts

Tinder ROI and YaleGPT

Bomb Pops and Gen Z WAGs

AI-ified Vogue and Chanel Omelets

It Girls and Friend Tech

Tokers and Teetotalers

Baggy Jeans and Baby Tees: Back to School Special

Rich Clout and Feminist Podcasts

School Air and Business Ghouls

Netflix Alphas and Wanderlove

Djerf Girls and Low Pros

Zepotha Mania and House Hacking

Sagging Pants and Daily Treats

TikTok Brain and Breakup Season

Rent Doom and Vacation Guilt

Girlboss-ified and Bobbi-pilled

Generational Guppies and TikTok TV

Grail Archivists and Pod Girlies

Gen Beta and Summer Flings

Creator Riots and Rookie Consultants

Snacktails and Frumpcore

Date-Me Docs and Subway Sessions

Vertigo Girls and Phone Phobias

Hustles > Hobbies and #BoysWhoSew

Barbie Montages and Ikea Monkeys

Manpris and White Boy Dance

Big Spenders and Bad Tippers

Keyser Söze and Nu Metal

Rush Coaches and Le Cirque

Popcorn Swimsuits and Tanning Beds

Bulletproof Skims and Oxbridge Fanfic

Aged AI and RackaRacka

Barbie Bumble and Philanthropic TikTok

Tattourism and Stewfluencers

Pinky Doll and Sonny Angel

Shein Backlash and Tinder AI

Bubble Characters and Canon Events

Zuggalos and Funposting

WFHamptions and #Sponcon Nuptials

Delusionships and Stoner Shorts

Beige-fluencers and Bode Boys

Zombie Style and Tween Girl Summer

Barbenheimer and Cropped Boys

Live Quitting and Shame Fame

Loud Quitting and Luxury Lumps

#SoftGirls and Angelllboys

#CleanTok and Project S

Millennial Mercilessness and Midsummer Love

Baggu Girlies and Sleeper Hits

Critterposting and Delulu Eras

Treat Culture and Celebrity Whispers

Bagelgate and Boobaversaries

Climate Trials and Takeout Cocktails

Micro Trends and Indie Media

Glazed Milk and Five Margaritas

Selkie-Wearing Swifties and Power-Hungry Girlbosses

Hot Pods and Eras Curses

Cringe Masters and Street Anglers

#Hopecore and Heartache

Corporate Girlies and Coastal Cowboys

Girlbossified Breitbart and F1ified Chanel

Peak Dupes and Beige Flags

Hamptonites and Homebodies

Exercise Skorts and Tanning Clubs

Europecore and Bioré Anxiety

Digitized AF1s and Blue Chips

New Nightclubs and and Luxury's Lifeline

Swiftie Dads and The New 'The Rules'

Barefoot Boys and SAHM TikTok

Gen Z Funemployment and Rebranded Pensions

Payday Routines and AI Time Machines

‘It Girl’ of New York and Mental Health, Innit

GRWM Confessionals and Beach Bacchanals

Subway Shirts and Sheinel N°5

Viral Serialization and Big Law's Big L

Eucalyptus Pants and Bricked Drops

Location-Share FOMO and Fake Sign Language

Superfakes and Fanelliheads

Soft Hiking and Bed Parties

Lab Diamonds and Corset Hoodies

Goodwill Gowns and Damp Drinking

Dupe Swaps and Acne Negativity

Male Perms and Coronation Core

Lalala Girls and #DietCokeBreaks

Sludge Escapism and Romance Fraud

Counterfeit Cachet and BNPL TikTok

Big Chess and Internet It Girls

Automated Dating and Erewhon Huns

Snoopy Sisters and $2K Birkin Dupes

Cannabis Luxury and Merch Eras

MLM Huns and Meta-Content

Jetsetting Youth and TikTok Buskers

Voice Notes and Bakery Drops

Kittycore and Brotox

Asics Resurgence and Nostalgia Ultra

Retired Creators and Broke Boomers

Theme Parties and American Horror Stories

Celibacy Eras and Fisher Heads

Barbie Memes and Babygirl Sobriquets

Pear Rings and Team Milk

Algorithmic Scavengers and TikTok Professors

Fanfix Fandom and Decoden Aesthetics

Coin Collectors and Influencer Movers

Crypto Boyfriends and Billionaire Bore-Core

Mating Evangelists and Happy Endings

#CollegeApps Tok and Bible Clutches

Sin Tax and Dogtooth

Zigazoo and 90s Con

Skinification and The Boyfriend Effect

Soberchella and Hipstamatic

Prom Perms and Cash Grabs

CapCut Cult and Cool-Kid Sunscreen

Saturated Brights and Body Butters

DinerDrip and Masstige

AI Resale and TikTok STEM

Suburban Swifties and Tate-Pilled

GRWM Overshares and Kid-fluencers

Digital Detoxes and Body Counts

Coquette Hair and Classiccore

‘It-Girl’-y Cluttercore and Sandwichness

Friend Dating and App Ghosting

No Problemos and Podcast Bros

Nebulous Multihyphenates and Formula 1 Fangirlification

Landlording and Biker Baddies

Pasta Puffers and Stick Shifts

HauteLeMode and MyAI

Sprawling Underbellies and Mass Layoffs

I.R.S. Influencers and Gen Z's CW

Hair Tattoos and “Hipster-phobia”

Mall Rats and Milk Mustaches

Klarnapilled and Sandboxcore

Tiny Saddles and Shade Stix

Swiftie Haters and Worldwide TikTokification

Panera Baguettes and Huggy Wuggys

Selfie Palaces and Religious Revivals

Chaotic Singles and Mugler’s Angels

Borg Rebrands and Enyacore

Therapy Speak and Open-Air Dystopia

#Monkmode and Borg-thusiasts

Situationships and Panda Dunks

Harry Coded and #PrepTok

Sailor Moon and Instagram Memers

Kafka Fancams and Me-Maxxing

Rev Splits and Flop Eras

Popcorn Dresses and Gibberish Sh*tposts

Dupe Mindsets and UnemploymentTok

Tiffany AF1s and Gen Alpha Skin Care

Recessioncore and Supreme Tamagotchis

Paradigm Trilogies and Fancy Pantries

Logo Jumpers and Traffic Mirrors

Polarizing Spokescandies and Razr Flips

Heating Buttons and Harvard Hats

Rom-Com Core and Frog Clogs

Horror Auteurs and Lowercase Celebs

Canned Tuna and Gassed Up

Crypto Collapse and Sad Beige Babies

Frontal Lobes and Virtual Wives

Rom Coms and Fake Jobs

Magic Mushrooms and #MilitaryCurves

Core Core and Lucky Girl Syndrome

Kardashian Kolloquium and Nikon CoolPix

Cozzie Livs and Snoga Pants

Financial Cleanses and Therapy Bots

Ad Dominance and Hot Knockoffs

Thick Mall and Sexy Grunge

Luxerjacks and Sondheim Stans