Sitemap - 2021 - After School by Casey Lewis

The Future of the Creator Economy

Nicotinfluencers and SexEdTok

Pickup Trucks and Gen Z ETFs

Indie Sleaze and Nose Blush

Skinny Brows and Gen Z's Favorite Tote

Glute Pumping and OG Big Bling

The Gen Z Gift Guide: What do they actually want for the holidays?

Catboys and Fake Birds

'Squid Game' Red and Side Eyes

Hyperspecific Gifts and Hellenistic Revival

#CorporateTikTok and Kith Barbie

Extra Credit: TikTok's $290 Scarf and Spotify Wrapped

'Comfort Creators' and Purity Culture 2.0

Geriatric-Millennial Clogs and Audio Auras

Beauty Water and Bygone Cocktails

Blind Boxes and Manic Pixie Dream Boyfriends

Fairy Hair and Snap Map

Extra Credit: Is Revolve the First Good Ambassador Program?

Radical Toxicity and Stay-at-Home Girlfriends

Harvard Pranks and S&P's Gen Z Obsession

Astrology Grrrrls and TikTok Hunks

TikTok Xmas and Santa's Little Helper

Extra Credit: Is investing in humans the future of VC?

“TikTok Boy Hair” and Woke Grads

Fairy Grunge and Dreamcore

Baecations and Gen Z CIA

Gamified Finance and Breakfast at Supreme

Gen Z Is Meh on Money and Babies

Gamified Psychology and TikTok Hypnosis

BYU Sl*t Clubs and Antiwork Subreddits

Friendsgaming and Japandi Aesthetics

Gen Z Dropouts and Horror Filmmaker Models

Extra Credit: Poshmark Wants What Depop Has

Costco Vibes and Political Tomatoes

Voice Memo Romance and Cheugy Blondes

Ghost Stores and Meme Teams

Shrek Makeup and #Sobertok

Extra Credit: The Future of Youth Media

TikTok Manifestation and Buffynaisance

Shein Rivals and Oakley Radars

Hokas and House Paint

Nostalgia Economy and #cringe tbh

Extra Credit: Can Gen Z bring back malls?

Red Flags and NFT Art Galleries

Fictional Influencers and Hypebeast Cartoons

Nuuly Cool and Flush Holidays

Vintage Bean Boots and Marilyn Monroe TikToks

Extra Credit: PacSun's Gen Z Playbook

Gucci WeWork and Gen Z's Tony Robbins

PacSun Dogecoin and TikTok Skepticism

Fat Equity and Dirtbag Prep

Grandmillennial Decor and Justin Bieber Joints

Extra Credit: Circular Retail Grows in Brooklyn

Mallrats and Finsta Justice

Slurpee Influencers and Young Teetotalers

TikShop and Space Communes

Nostalgic Mundanity and "Old Money Aesthetic"

Extra Credit: Who Will Be the J. Crew for Gen Z?

Vegan Jordans and Metaverse Awareness

Purebloods and Beauty Zines

Seinfeld Chic and DTC Bling

Dunkin' Drops and Telfar TV

Extra Credit: Oops I Klarna’d Again

OshKith B'gosh and #SoleFood

Lip Flips and Lost Boys

Prairiecore and Bedazzled Smiles

Extra Credit: What Is Depop Anyway?

Sporty Gals and Shrek Memes

Bretman Jibbitz and Yachty Manis

Sweats Fatigue and Gaming Curfews

Ugly Cool and Soda Pop(pi)

Extra Credit: Shein is a MasterClass in Gen Z Marketing

Rag Report and Bratz Dolls

Treasure Trove and Black Honey

TikTok Foragers and Vintage Urban Outfitters

TokCon and Tenniscore

Extra Credit: $15 Dresses with $600 Sneakers: Understanding #Bamarush Style

Poolside Nietzsche and Surf Gang

Bodyequality and Guyliner

Cabincore and Next-Gen Music Blogs

Frakta Cool and No-Fun Fall

Extra Credit: What Is Back-to-School Shopping in 2021?

Bama Rush and Normcore Boyfriends

Frasurbane and Teen Antifa

Trashwalkers and Chaos Edits

Genuinfluencers and Outfitgrid Bros

Extra Credit: The Nostalgia Encyclopedia

Sk8tergirls and Streetwear Yetis

In-Flight TikTok and Next-Gen WaPo

Cow's Milk and Gen Z By Marc Jacobs

American Prep and The Great (Luxe) Outdoors

Blinged-Out Big Macs and Mother's Silver

Crocs Socks and Emcee Hammer

StockX Makeup and Celine JNCOs

JJJound Docs and Bilibili Mania

Extra Credit: A Depop Girl in a Shein World

NFT Girl Summer and Vintage Ed Hardy

"That Girl" and The Wild West of Crypto

Yolo Economy and RaaS Hype

Vintage Skechers and Gen Z Stoners

Lexxola Hype and Indie Luxxury

Apple Reeboks and Bridgerton Corsets

Murder Mystery and Hard Seltzer

IRL TikTok and Gucci Gamers

#TinyTops and Chico's for Teens

Y2K.2 and Sk8ter Boys

The Skort Revolution

French Manis and Disappearing Tattoos

C-Pop Luxury and Wet Willy Rugs

TikTok Psychics and Cowboy Boots

Four Loko STDs and Bumble Lattes

Tween Status and Pre-K Hypebeasts

Kidd G and Bratz Art

BritTok and and Babar Cool

Cactus Dior and String Ting

Polywork and Shein Addiction

Ed Hardy and Hard Seltzer Ice Cream

Hot *Boy* Summer and Cryptidcore

Fallen Angels and Fake Tears

TikTok Fashion Shows and $4 Bike Shorts

Puriteens and Big Oil Influencers

Dreamcore and Miss Teen Crypto

Solar Power (or Lack of) and The Wuniverse

Alt Fashion and Magic Tricks

Gucci Metaverse and Levi Wallabees

Third Eyes and Vintage Miley

Girlboss Mockery and Sexy Crochet

Hair Horns and Linda Lindas

RTR for Teens and LV for Kids

Depopped and A$AP BNPL

TikTok Block and Hi_GuyZ

Backyardigans and Skater Girls

Americancore and 2013 Nostalgia

Sway Cereal and BTS Happy Meals

Coconut Girl and ASMR Elegance

Panty Revolutions and Vax Badges

Wolf Cuts and Invisible Luxury

Dogecoin Chaos and Minimalist Smartphones

Lorem Pop and Bottega Crocs

Normie Streetwear and Dino Nuggets

Stockx Crocs and Shein Bros

TruckerTok and Horse Girls

Status Rugbys and Digital Distortion

Zoom Noses and Manbags

Mall Euphoria and A24 Makeup

Grandma's China and Chillable Reds

Beauty Twitch and Bib Overalls

Sew Bros and Vibe Checks

Yachty Nails and Ssense for Kids

Miu Miu Levi's and Christian TikTok

Polaroid Tevas and Gen Z It Bags

Ultralip and TKFASHUN

Status Vaccines and Dark Academia

Cheugy Millennials and Strappy Dresses

Aldi Streetwear and Desktop-Computer Vibes

Batsheva Crochet and Snap Shopping

Fashion Kings and Gen Z VCs

CBD Lounges and Tinder Meets TikTok

Sustainable Jeans and Selfie Talks

Lockdown Nostalgia and Digicore

TikTok Mattresses and Digital Lavender

Lip Glass and Designer Burgers

Baggy Jeans and School Dropouts

Traumarama and BiliBili

Used Nikes and Next-Gen Avon Ladies